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PH: Break x Sharon

Title: Too Cute For an Idiot
Rating: K+
Fandom: Pandora Hearts - Xerxes Break x Sharon Rainsworth
Genre(s): Romance/General/Humor
Summary: Sharon attempts to discuss with Break the day he gave his memories up for her. Too bad he's not taking her seriously.
Notes: Fluffy, one-shot. My first fan-fiction in...two...maybe three years? I'm a bit rusty, haha.


Too Cute For an Idiot


Bright and wide-eyed, coral pink lower lip dabbing out in displeasure, and faint brushes of a rosy red adorning her cheeks was the image of his young mistress that Break smiled at so pleasantly. "Come now, Miss Sharon, there's really no need for such a fuss from a young lady like yourself."

The 'young lady' in question scrunched up her tiny nose in distraught, and with a slight annoyance said, "You're at fault, and you know it. Don't scrutinize me because I appear as such a child." She may have been twenty-three in technical terms, but of course those years had yet to catch up with her mentally in their entirety, not that she'd ever openly let Break say so.

"Oh?" Break's remaining scarlet eye crinkled closed slowly, and opened at the same pace as his grin grew soft, chin resting lazily on his hands as he leaned across the table. "I could not possibly be the one to blame here." Comically, he poked Emily, "Right? Miss Sharon's just being mean!" The doll agreed wholeheartedly.

The pout only grew from this remark, and the blush spread from the gradual blink which produced batted eyelashes. "Please be serious," she said, trying to sound firm and regain her ever-slipping composure. Why must he torture her so?

Break mimicked the pout with one of his own and reached for a round, wrapped candy from a crystalline bowl. "You're too serious, you know. Have a lollipop."

"Xarxs-nii!" Sharon huffed, crossing her arms in a very un-lady-like manner and sinking into her cushioned velvet armchair. "Why is it so hard to explain why you would crush your memories? Goodness, I would've been fine, you impulsive servant!" She added the last term of endearment out of frustrated compassion, of course.

"I said it before, didn't I?" He raised one silvery brow as he popped the caramel into his waiting jaws. "Your mother would've had my head if I'd let you fall ill."

"Or die!" Emily chimed in thoughtfully. Break nodded wisely at this.

Sharon eyed him momentarily-and only momentarily because he'd been staring right back even before their conversation began-, and, looking away flushed, whispered, "That's not true and you know it." Break hummed softly in response and grabbed a teacup, motioning with a gloved hand for her to continue. She rolled her eyes, having enough confidence left for at least that. "My mother wouldn't harm a hair on your head, Xerxes." He smiled.

"Let me guess-and I 'know it', too?" The knight teased with her prior wording. She nodded mutely, but strongly. He shrugged nonchalantly, "I do know, if it pleases Milady to hear so." He twirled a fresh rainbow lolly adorned with a ribbon on the stick, still eyeing Sharon happily.

As she had hoped to catch Break off-guard with her question, she felt a bit winded at his ever-calm facade. In all honesty, she knew him long enough to know that he wouldn't crack for something like that, but for him to so bluntly comply was absurd to Sharon's organized mind. "Well," She started off meakly and cleared her throat when her voice cracked. "Since that's out of the way, we're in agreement that you did not speak the truth at that time. So, what was your reasoning for saving me and throwing everything away?" A million different possibilities were racing through her head-perhaps those memories had been fake, maybe there was another way to retrieve them, had he actually not destroyed them, so he must've been hiding something for him to lie like that, or...

"Miss Sharon," A sultry voice and warm hand cupped beneath her chin pulled her from her thoughts. Break beamed down at her only inches from her face, standing deliberately beside her chair, and she felt her face grow red instantly. She attempted to stutter something of protest as a slender fabric-covered finger traced her jawline. "Really, you ought to trust me a bit more...but," the smile morphed to a cunning little smirk, the red eye curved to amused perfection as its owner leaned in. "If you must know..."Sharon clamped her eyes shut out of surprise and held tightly onto the armrests of her seat. His hot breath fanned her cheeks, his long fingers danced at her neck, and his soft hair tickled her forehead. But just as suddenly as it was there, it all disappeared.

Awkwardly opening her eyes in embarrassment-and realizing she must've looked as if he were to kiss her-she was met with the exuberant lollipop Break had been toying with earlier, still fresh in its crisp plastic wrapper and pink ribbon as he held it out to her. She pursed her lips, peered around the lollipop and his extended arm to find him smiling as goofily as he always was. "It's because you're simply too cute, Miss Sharon!"

Sharon nearly squealed, every ounce of dignity draining from her petite body. "X-Xarxs-nii..."

His smile grew as he cocked his head to the side. "Hmm?"

"You..." Her voice grew even shakier as she fumbled for words, and his smile soon lit up to a full-fledged grin.

"Yes, Miss Sha-"


Thwack. Bitch-slap. Pwned.

"Gyaa! Run, Emily, save yourself!"


Too Cute For an Idiot

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Crap research papers.

Whoever decided that assigning a sophomore research paper would be a good idea is a loony.

My topic is whether or not intervention in African affairs is necessary. I'm very passionate about that idea, but why does writing a research paper have to be so time-consuming? I could be taking a nice nap right now instead of writing bib and note cards >: [

Aw well.

Anyone else hatin' on their homework?
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Never changes.

"You were incredible out there," I manage to force a smile as I say this, though my lips are trembling from biting back the tears. "Really. You should be so proud. All of you."

The blond boy -much taller than I- nods ever so slightly. His face is still red from the performance, his voice hoarse from belting the lyrics that had come from his own heart. "Yeah...thanks." It feels empty.

"Hey," I mumble awkwardly.

He shuffles a bit, but replies just as unevenly, "Hey..."

"No, ahh! Haha, stop!" Bubbly laughter escaped my throat as he pinned me down and mercilessly tickled my sides. "Oh gosh, I give, I give!"

He grinned, only increasing the torture. "No way!" 

I was smiling so widely, I thought my mouth must hardly have fit my face. He snickered from his end of the line. We talked of nothing important, just rode our bikes separate ways until the glorious sunrise peaked over the tall treetops of our small-town home.

We were with friends, but we were in our own world. Nothing mushy....goodness, no. There was always something special between us. Not as girl and boy, but as two people. I felt it more than ever that evening when I lay settled in his arms as he stroked my hair for what must've been hours.

"You should ask her out," I encouraged wholeheartedly. Scratch that. Maybe halfheartedly. Even if I didn't like that, I wasn't so sure I liked the idea of him dating other girls.

He shrugged. "I dunno. I don't want to ruin our friendship."

"You'll never know unless you try!" I pushed. A pair of rolled blue eyes was the response I received. "She'll still be friends with you either way, promise."

"You don't even know her," he accused, and suddenly: "You and I will never go out, you know."

What? I blushed and glared as best I could, but I couldn't deny that his spontaneous comment stung somewhere deep in me. "I know!"

"You remind me of my first best friend...I held him back from everything. I led him to his own downfalls, and clung to him whenever I could. I don't want to do that to you, too," I confessed, leaning against a random locker.

"I won't be like him." It sounded like a promise, begging to be broken. "I miss how we used to be, like bread 'n butter! Don't you miss it?"

I smiled, as if things were going to be okay between us again. I knew they wouldn't.

Freezing in mid-turn, I frowned and scooted away immediately. He'd been right behind me, and our faces were just too close for comfort when I leaned over. At one point, it would've been cute and funny. Now it was stale, and chilling.

He frowned, too. "I thought you were going to kiss me." It sounded sad.

"Oh," I smirked, "sorry?"

He looked like a very angry tomato.

"They broke up, you know," She told me happily. I knew she loved him. "I'm sorry, you were the one who told him to be with her...please don't feel bad. None of us saw this coming."

I was secretly happy, too, of course. Too bad
it no longer made a difference in my life. He was out of it.

She clasped her hands sweetly and remarked, "Though he did say he was done with you, didn't he?"

I suppose he did.

"I know I messed things up between us," I don't want to start a fight, so I'll take the blame just this once. "But I...I had to be here. I had to support you in any way I could, even if it was subtle. I'm sorry if my doing so annoyed you, just....awesome job. The crowd loved you." So did I.

He looks me straight in the eye like he did earlier when I was smiling up at him as he sang. She watches us from the other side of the room: a mix of both jealousy and relief floods her face. He reaches out as if to pat my head like he used to, but before it makes contact, he brings his arm stiffly to his side. Bowing his head, he quickly thanks me again and turns on his heels.

I want to go home and sleep.

She later will tell me that he still loves me.

I later will lie to myself, and speak only of my hatred for him.

Nothing ever changed but me.

You aren't really supposed to understand a lot of it....I just really needed to vent about this. It's not nearly my best writing, and it was difficult to write about.

Guys are stupid, but then again, so am I.

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